Collaboration among professionals is a necessity.

Whether you are a mental health professional, a medical professional, a teacher, or a member of the community, I consider it my pleasure and an important responsibility to provide guidance within my areas of expertise. I have provided consultation to schools, preschools, early intervention services, facilities for persons with special needs, and community organizations.

Teaching and training always offers the joy of seeing students grow into competent clinicians. I have served as an adjunct faculty member in the Department of psychology at the George Washington University and in the clinical psychology and counseling psychology training programs at Argosy University. I have taught and supervised graduate students in psychological assessment, educational assessment, clinical interviewing, and psychotherapy. If you are completing postdoctoral training towards licensure, it would be my pleasure to provide supervision for some of your clinical hours in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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One of my greatest desires as a mental health professional is to raise awareness of important topics that relate to emotional stability, well-being, and adjustment.

The modern world can be stressful, chaotic, and uncertain. Not everyone who struggles with emotional or interpersonal challenges will walk through my door and become a client. My hope is to be able to present information to groups of people on a range of relevant topics, in an effort to provide knowledge and tools that allow them to better understand themselves and others and the navigate difficult situations.

I have been speaking publicly to large groups since the start of my career. I have spoken to groups of moms, groups of teenagers, groups of mental health professionals and other clinicians, as well as to parents of children with physical and mental illnesses. Sharing information and resources with others is an important and rewarding role.

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