Early intervention is key

Many people do not receive the benefit of early intervention, and I believe that progress can be made and healing can happen at any stage of life when the client is motivated. 

Regardless of a client’s age or developmental stage at the start of therapy, my approach combines evidence-based practices with empathy and support. When working with younger clients, I use play therapy to engage children while implementing scientifically validated approaches. Parents are also integrally involved in the therapeutic process, so that I can teach them the strategies their children learned during our time together. Collaboration with parents, schools, and other professionals can be a very important component of a child's treatment plan.

Adult clients are also engaged in a collaborative approach so that I can understand their goals in therapy, and the kind of help they are seeking. While evidence-based practices are used for all my clients, I also seek to get to know clients well and understand the nature and extent of their problems before beginning treatment. I also tailor therapy to each client’s needs and goals.

I have been treating clients of all ages in private practice for 10 years. As a generalist, I see clients dealing with a variety of problems such as anxiety, depression, relationship issues, coping with chronic pain or long-term medical illness, and families going through a divorce. But I also have extensive experience within certain areas, including the assessment and treatment of anxiety disorders, the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD and related learning disabilities, and coping with chronic pain and medical illnesses. 

When I began working in private practice, I tended to see mostly children and teens, given that I had received specialized training with younger populations. I still enjoy working with young people; as well as helping their parents support the strategies that I provide in therapy. I am a big believer in early intervention, and have seen remarkable progress happen as the result of detecting emotional and behavioral challenges early in a child's development. Children have the potential to become incredibly resilient, if there are problems receive attention when they first emerge. As my practice developed, I began seeing more adult clients, and enjoy working with them as well.