My mission is to promote healing, resilience, and hope for clients through evidence-based practices that are supportive and compassionate.


My vision is for every individual to feel empowered to recognize and follow a path that leads to healing and resilience. 


The following values are important to me in both my personal life and in my psychotherapy practice.

Warmth:  responding to people with respect, compassion, and curiosity

Clear Communication: conveying information to clients and colleagues in a manner that effects positive change in the community

Resilience: effectively navigating the ups and downs of life and continuing to step forward despite setbacks

Healing: a process that leads a person from imprisonment to freedom and satisfaction

Integrative Approach: taking into consideration the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of a person or situation

Collaboration: working with clients, service providers and the community to achieve healthy outcomes

Quality of Service: attending to others’ needs with intentionality, excellence and thoughtfulness